Idle Solenoid
Also know as the anti-dieseling or slow fuel cut solenoid
The Idle Fuel Cutoff Solenoid may be either a single or double wire electric device mounted on the outside of the carburetor. This solenoid turns on (or off) the fuel flow through the idle circuit of the carburetor.
Important Note: Nearly every import carburetor is equipped with an Idle fuel cutoff solenoid. An engine cannot operate correctly at idle speed if this solenoid fails. Commonly, failure is due to a fault in the wiring providing electricity to the solenoid.
Of all the checks preformed while diagnosing an engine, voltage to the idle solenoid is one that is often over looked. A solenoid which fails to operate for any reason will (often) lead an installer to misadjust the warm idle by over adjusting the throttle stop screw. This will (in turn) cause fuel to dribble down the primary barrel during warm idle. 

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